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Meet Sophie. She's not your typical Martian scientist. 

Stefani Longshamp

Sophie, a shy, very science-loving Martian girl working for Mars’ space organisation MARSA, is deeply ashamed and sad: during an important presentation to highly-ranked MARSA scientists, she got so nervous that her breathing device failed to produce enough oxygen and she became short of breath and stammered.  Embarrassed, she runs out of the lecture hall.

Max Reinert
Sophie's Choice

Having very few friends on Mars to go to, she decides to visit planet Earth, the setting of her favourite science show and where she hopes she finds someone understanding her oxygen problem - humans. She decides to visit Roswell in New Mexico, a place, she has read a lot about. The city seems to be really open minded and welcoming there for non-humans!

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rvParkEstab_FINAL JPG.jpg
Things don't go as expected

Instead of the welcoming atmosphere Sophie expected, people who see the spaceship scream and run away. Very sad and disappointed, she steers her spaceship to the camp ground. At least, she can breathe now without her device!

Then something magical happens

Sophie observes a couple setting up their RV for their holidays. They seem to also have problems with fuel and during the night, Sophie takes her last spare canister to the couple’s RV and refills their tank.

final sample.jpg
Sophie has potential

The next morning, the couple is very astounded and happy that they can start their engine again! They suspect help from this strange looking girl who arrived the day before and her mysterious caravan and would like to thank Sophie. But Sophie, still shocked by the initial, unexpected rejection from humans, hides in her spaceship.

Sophie has a secret

The couple who are scientists themselves are more and more amazed when they investigate the type of fuel they got from the strange girl: it seems to be exactly the type of fuel they wanted to synthesize in their lab for decades! It is what they call ‘a solar-fuel’, purely made from water and carbon dioxide, using sunlight as an energy source for the synthesis. Could this girl have solved the energy problem? Could this be the solution to prevent climate change? They just have to ask Sophie to reveal her secret!

Sophie grows

The couple investigate the fuel further, calling in scientists from all over the world. Meanwhile, Sophie gets curious: the couple seem to have been satisfied with her fuel! She opens the door of her spaceship and as she steps out, scientists from all over the world run towards her, asking her to reveal her secret how to make this fuel. For the first time in a long time Sophie starts smiling. Of course, she is very happy to share her knowledge!

A movement begins

Scientists from all over the world let the RV park become the most amazing research hub while trying to synthesise Sophie’s fuel under her guidance. Having great expertise how to convert carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into fuels, Sophie quickly becomes a new science star and media all over the world celebrate her invention, honouring her for preventing climate change.

Sophie has another choice to make

Sophie is more than happy, but she suddenly misses home. She decides to produce more fuel for her spaceship and with a heavy heart she says goodbye to Earth and her many new friends.

Arriving on Mars, her colleagues welcome her enthusiastically, of course, everybody knows the famous girl who had been all over Earth TV!

martian 2 turnaround.jpg
A wonderful surprise

She has to talk about her adventures and their development of a new fuel producing device on Earth and finds herself in exactly the same auditorium she gave her research presentation a while ago.  You will have to tune in to see how it all ends for Sophie!

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